CLIL/EMI: Train-the-Trainer (Summer School)

Experienced CLIL* or EMI** teachers learn to become fully-fledged CLIL trainers. This practical, hands-on course encourages teachers/lectures who are already familiar with CLIL/EMI to facilitate CLIL/EMI development in others. You work at designing a CLIL curriculum for a group of teachers: the intake, workshop/curriculum design, designing, delivering and evaluating workshop(s).

* Content and Language Integrated Learning
** English Medium Instruction

Suitable for: 
Teachers/lectures who are already familiar with CLIL/EMI
Start date(s): 
13 July 2020
Application deadline: 1 May 2020
Utrecht Summerschool
Partner organisation: 
Onderwijsadvies & Training
Fee: This fee is exempt from VAT
€1600.00 (excluding housing)

Long-term course?

A version of this programme will be offered as a 12 day course spread over 15 months at Utrecht University.


Elma Zijderveld (Course instructor / Educational consultant) 
Rosie Tanner (Course instructor / Educational consultant)