Custom Programmes / Incompany

Learning motivates and inspires employees

How do organisations make sure that their professionals have the right knowledge and skills, and continue to develop themselves? Utrecht University offers custom arrangements for lifelong learning: programmes, training sessions, courses, master classes and advice for learning tracks. This can also be provided in the form of co-creation for a long-term partnership.

You choose for professional development with:

  1. quality of lecturers and scientific research
  2. a multidisciplinary and
  3. flexible approach, fine-tuned for professionals.

Your needs and circumstances are at the forefront. Our programme leader or learning manager designs a programme together with you, in which we combine recent scientific insights with practice. Lecturers from various disciplines will often be involved.

Learning also means the creation of an environment in which people can permanently develop themselves

Please check out the possibilities for custom programmes and in-company for every field of interest: