For study and student associations

Are you as an association (or committee) looking for a fun workshop, a location for a symposium, a pub quiz, a reception or a drink? Then visit Parnassos! Come to the CultUUr Café during the day or wrap up the day in our bar in the evening. Besides many different options, associations also get substantial discounts.

What can you do at Parnassos?


We offer many different courses. From dance, writing, photography and theatre to visual arts. As a student, you will not find cheaper courses anywhere, as you get a 50% discount on our entire offer.

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Pictures: Maarten Mooijman


Would you like to organise a workshop for your members? Have you always wanted to do belly dancing, theatre sports or botanical illustration? We also offer these at a great discount for associations.

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Pictures: Maarten Mooijman

Facility rental

At Parnassos, associations can hire rooms of various sizes. For example, hire the theatre hall for a symposium, lecture or performance, or organise drinks or a reception in our bar. As an association, you also get a discount on the rental price.

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If you have a question or would like to organise something at or with Parnassos, please feel free to contact us.