Parnassos pass regulations

Parnassos is the cultural centre of the University of Utrecht and offers a platform for amateur practice of music, dance, visual arts, photography and theatre. Students, alumni and employees of the Utrecht University, UMCU and HKU, as well as others who are interested, may use the rehearsal rooms of Parnassos. Parnassos is situated at Kruisstraat 201 in Utrecht.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday              09.30-23.30 h
Saturday and Sunday       10.00-17.30 h      

Parnassos is closed during national holidays, around Christmas and in the summer (July and August). Opening hours may vary, especially during the weekends. In special circumstances it is possible that Parnassos will be closed for a period of time.

Parnassos passes

Parnassos offers two different kinds of passes: the Month pass and the Year pass. All passes provide access to the rehearsal rooms (piano rooms and booths) at Parnassos.


Price categories

Category 1: Students of the UU, HU, UvH and HKU

Month €25 / Year €80

Category 2: Employees of UU/HU/UvH/HKU/UMCU; graduates of the UU in the past academic year; alumni of the UU in possession of an Alumni Friend card and PhD-students at UU

Month €37,50 / Year €120

Category 3: others

Month €50 / Year €160

To be eligible for a discount rate, you need to be in possession of at least one of the following:

  • Category 1: A certificate of registration at UU / HU / UvH / HKU / other aligned Dutch universities (see website).  
  • Category 2: An alumni friend card of the UU, a certificate of registration of the past year or a certificate of  employment at UU/HKU/HU/UvH/UMCU.

In order to register as a passholder, a recent photo is required.

In case of loss, a duplicate pass may be acquired for a replacement fee of €5,00.

The pass is strictly personal and has to be handed over in exchange for the key to a rehearsal room.

The passholder is responsible for informing Parnassos about changes in contact information (address/email/telephone).

Access to rehearsal rooms

  • Rehearsal rooms cannot be reserved. If you want to rent a particular room, we refer you to the rental division. Information about the possibilities and costs are available on our website and at the reception desk.
  • After handing over your card you will get the key to an available rehearsal room from the receptionist.
  • You are entitled to practice for at least one hour in the assigned room.
  • If all rooms are occupied, the passholder who has occupied a room the longest (with a minimum of one hour) has to make place for a new passholder. These decisions are made by the receptionist. If you were asked to make room for another passholder, you may obtain a new rehearsal room after a waiting period of 30 minutes.
  • If all rooms are full and you have to wait for a room, you will be placed on a waiting list. Passholders who have not yet made use of the intended facilities that day will get priority.  
  • If you are on the waiting list and leave the building, your waiting time expires. On your return, you can be registered on end of the waiting list again.

Rules for using the rehearsal rooms

  • Make sure you leave the rehearsal room as indicated in the instructions in the room. Negligence by previous occupants should be reported at the reception desk.
  • Passholders cannot make use of the fixed audio installation present in the rehearsal room. If so desired,  a portable cd player can be borrowed at the reception desk.
  • It is not allowed to attune the (pedals of the) piano, or set it as a ‘prepared piano’.
  • Passholders cannot practice on the grand pianos. Grand pianos may only be used if the room is rented. If you want to rent a room with a grans piano, we refer you to the rental division.
  • It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the rehearsal rooms, or to place drink or food on top of the pianos.
  • Any costs as a result of excessive littering will be charged to the passholder. Such cases will be assessed by the director of Parnassos.
  • It is not allowed to change rehearsal rooms without consulting the receptionist first.
  • It is not allowed to take the key of the rehearsal room outside the building.
  • It is not allowed to cause any inconvenience for other users of the building.
  • It is not allowed to place suitcases or instrument cases on the instruments.
  • The pianos in the larger rehearsal rooms are anchored. It is not allowed to move the pianos.
  • It is not allowed to practice percussion, drums, amplified instruments or bagpipes inside rehearsal rooms. If there is an amplifier in the room you were allocated, you are not allowed to use it. It is also not allowed to bring your own amplifier.
  • Lock the room after use and return the key to the receptionist in order to receive your card.
  • Costs for loss of the key will be charged to the passholder.

Rules regarding guests

  • The passholder may bring one person into a rehearsal room as a guest without a card. Such guests need to pay €1,50 at the reception.
  • The passholder may bring one or more persons who also own a card into the allocated rehearsal room.
  • Groups may only be brought into a rehearsal room if at least half of the group is also passholder and the others pay the guest fee.

Teaching / commercial interests

  • Passholders are not allowed to make use of Parnassos facilities in order to teach or be taught, be it paid or unpaid.
  • If it becomes evident that the passholder is pursuing commercial interests, Parnassos will charge the passholder according to price category 3 of the costs of room rental.
  • Should there be any doubt as to the pursuit of such commercial interests, the director of Parnassos will decide on the matter.

Reclaiming the pass

  • The passholder must follow these regulations. The director of Parnassos or her alternate has the authority to reclaim the pass if the passholder is believed to have violated the articles above.
  • Should minor violations of these regulations be ascertained, the receptionist has the right to make a hole in the card using a hole punch. If a passholder gets his or her third hole, the pass will be reclaimed and made void. In case of major violation of these regulations, Parnassos reserves the right to reclaim the pass at any time, regardless of the amount of holes in het pass.

Further conditions

For particular cases in which the regulations do not provide guidance, the director of Parnassos will decide matters.