Parnassos pass

practice room

Parnassos offers students and other interested parties the possibility to make use of rehearsal rooms. You can make use of this offer by purchasing a Parnassos Pass. During opening hours you can temporarily exchange this pass at our reception desk, in exchange for a key to one of our rehearsal rooms. We have smaller practice booths as well as larger rooms. It is not possible to reserve these rooms in advance, but the holder of a Parnassos pass is free to come and practice as often as they like. 
Passes may be purchased at the reception desk during opening hours. You will need a passport and a photograph. The reception desk only allows payment via pin-transactions. International students who don't carry a Dutch bank card are an exception to this rule. They may pay in cash (provided that the payment is in exact change). Passes are valid for either a month or a year, depending on which type you choose to purchase.

Note: We do not allow practicing percussion, drums, amplified instruments or bagpipes inside the rehearsal rooms.

Price categories Month Year
Category 1 € 20,- € 70,-
Category 2 € 30,- € 105,-
Category 3 € 40,- € 140,-