Bring-a-friend actie Parnassos lustrum 2019

It’s our 25th birthday. A birthday means a good party (keep an eye on the Forward Festival!) and... gifts!

Are you planning to sign up for a course in our new course season? And would you like to join the course together with a friend? Join our Bring-A-Friend anniversary promotion!

When you register together with a friend at our desk, you’ll get a €25 discount.


  • The Bring-A-friend promotion applies to registrations made between June 3rd and September 22th, 2019
  • The Bring-A-friend promotion only applies to group courses
  • You’ll get a € 12,50 discount on a short course (up to 7 lessons) and a €25 discount on a long course (8+ lessons)
  • The Bring-A-friend promotion only applies if both persons sign up for the same course
  • Registration for this promotion has to be done at the counter in our building (the promotion does not apply to online registrations)
  • Friends decide who gets the discount. Do you want to share the discount? You have to settle this among yourselves