Forward Festival (lustrum)

Parnassos Forward Festival kinderen VR-bril

It’s our 25th birthday! We will throw a party in December: the Forward Festival, a spectacular four-day anniversary festival. Everyone is invited! If you are a student you can even participate: sign up for the theatre show POD- an immersive sci-fi tour or join the photography contest!

We will celebrate our 25th anniversary by looking forward. Or actually, by looking back. From 2044. Our teachers and students will show you the future and the past during a four-day festival in our building. There are music-, theatre and dance shows, visual arts, performances, exhibitions, a sky bar - and so much more! You may take the future with a grain of salt, dreaming is allowed… and who knows, your dreams might be close to reality.

Look ahead, wander in the future and leave a message for 2044 in our time capsule. You might not even recognize our building when entering…

Forward Festival takes place from December 11th - 14th 2019. Mark your calendar!

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