Our research is aimed at questions such as: how do young people develop their identity, personality and relationships with their parents and peers? Why do some young people develop problems such as aggressive and delinquent behaviour or, conversely, fearful and depressive behaviour? How can parents best handle the upbringing of their children during the teenage years? Which role do relationships with friends and romantic partners play in their development? We study both normal and problematic development, taking into account genetic and biological, psychological and social factors. We investigate how those factors jointly affect the way that young people develop. This will mostly take the form of a longitudinal study in which we follow adolescents for an extended period of time during their development.

Examples of our research

Dynamics of Youth

Much of the research carried out by the Department of Youth & Family falls within the scope of the university research theme 'Dynamics of Youth'.

Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS)

The department's research programme is part of the Utrecht Centre for Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS).