Testimonial Lothar Blom

Fundraiser at the Utrecht University Fund

Portret Lothar Blom

A lot of talent

Lothar Blom: “As a fundraiser at the Utrecht University Fund I raise grants together with my team. These grants enable projects by and for students, employees and researchers of Utrecht University. These projects are very diverse: from a research project in Veterinary Medicine to a project at the Botanic Gardens. The conversations I get a lot of energy from the conversations I have with inspiring top scientists or students who work on great projects. These conversations make me notice how much talent is around at the university and how many amazing things happen here.

“The university pays a lot of attention to my development as an employee.”

Investing in development

“The university pays a lot of attention to my development as an employee.  I like that. There is not just an atmosphere of ‘we handle things together’, but there is also attention for the steps I can take personally to further develop myself . For instance, I went to an event for fundraisers in the educational sector in Edinburgh last year. Fundraisers from all over the world were there. It was very special and inspiring that I could be there too. This also gives me the inspiration and motivation to take a critical look at my daily tasks one more time: what can I do better, what are the bottlenecks?”