Testimonial Julia Bauzá-Martinez

PhD Candidate Science

Portrait Julia Bauzá-Martinez

Towards a cancer vaccine

Julia Bauzá-Martinez: “I came to Utrecht because of the expertise of my supervisor Albert Heck, who is one of the best researchers in Europe and worldwide in the field of proteomics. Among the diverse research topics studied in the HeckLab, I was particularly interested in the study of immunopeptides. These are small fragments of proteins generated inside cells in our body that can activate the immune system. My research is focused on finding out which peptides can be found in tumor cells but not in normal cells. This is a very important subject in the field of personalized medicine development, as it can help to generate a vaccine against those tumor cells. The laboratory here is of amazing excellence, so the decision to come to Utrecht was not too difficult. Coming originally from Ibiza, I was a bit afraid of the cold, but it turned out to be not so bad.”

“I feel very welcome in this country and at the university.”

Stroopwafels and flowers

“When I started to look for accommodation, the university was of great help: they set me up with housing corporations. Within two weeks I found a place to live. It would have taken me way longer to find something on my own. In general, I felt very welcome in this country as well as at the university. The International Office made sure of that. I was given a huge food package – including basic stuff like detergent and bread but also some typical Dutch snacks like stroopwafels – and a bunch of flowers. That made me very happy!”