Testimonial Felice Ghering

Editor at the Communications & Marketing Office, via the Dutch Participation Act

Portret Felice Ghering

Creating a job

Felice Ghering: “I had an accident ten years ago, which caused permanent brain damage. Since then I haven’t been able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I ended up working at Utrecht University via the Dutch Participation Act. I work as an editor for the website and keep myself busy with texts and images. I do that three days per week, three hours per day. I hope to expand this to four hours. This job was created especially for me: I got help finding a department where I could do work that matched with my qualities and experience.”

“Here I am appreciated for what I can do.”

Participating in society

“Right from the first conversation I felt at home. I can do what I am good at here and I am appreciated for what I can do. My situation is taken into account. I can come to the office later, because riding the bus during rush hour is too exhausting for me. On busy days I work in a smaller office space with less people. And if I am not able to make it sometimes? Then I can just let my colleagues know and do my work on another day. It feels good that - in my own way - I can play a part in society again. I'm a cog in the machine again.”