Testimonial Daan van Loon

Subject Librarian of Linguistics and Philosophy, and a learning librarian at the University Library

Portret Daan van Loon

Rare Vacancy

Daan van Loon: “After studying Celtic Languages – fun and interesting, but difficult to find employment in – I taught Greek and Latin at a secondary school for five years. I really enjoyed it but it cost a lot of energy as well and I started to miss depth.

“Then I saw that Utrecht University was looking for someone with a linguistic background, good knowledge of Latin and Greek, an affinity with philosophy and experience in education. A vacancy that matches my studies is rare, so I applied immediately. With success. As a Subject Librarian, I’m the contact person for all linguists and philosophers who study or work at the university. I spend another part of my time as a learning librarian and deal with everything the library does concerning education: from supporting lecturers to training sessions and instructions for students.”

“I get a lot of freedom to implement my way of working here.”

A real flex worker

“The position fits me like a glove and is even more fun than I expected. That is because I get a lot of freedom here to implement my own way of working. I'm a real flex worker: I love visiting my academics and happily alternate between the two locations of the University Library. Being able to go wherever I want - as long as I do my work properly - feels very luxurious. I think I'm spoilt for the rest of my career: I can't go anywhere else anymore.”