Adequate balance work and home life

Working hours and leave hours

Employees at Utrecht University may choose to carry out their duties either on a part-time or on a full-time basis. According to the Collective Labour Agreement, a full-time position requires an average of 38 working hours per week, and yields 232 leave hours.

Most full-time employees, however, work according to a schedule based on 40 working hours, which allows for an additional 96 leave hours per year. Full-timers who prefer to work shorter working weeks may opt to adhere to a 36 hour schedule, consequently returning 96 leave hours per year. All in all, plenty of opportunities in order to provide for a good balance of work and home life for all employees.

Parental leave and care leave

Employees of Utrecht University are entitled to 13 weeks of partially paid parental leave per child. The scope and length of the leave period may be adjusted to the employees’ preferences. In the event of a seriously ill partner, parent or child, needing nursing or care at home, employees are also entitled to take ‘care leave’. Partial salaries will continue to be paid during at least 2 working weeks per 12 months.  

Long-term paid leave

Through participation in salary saving schemes, employees may save up for long-term (partially) paid leave (sabbatical).