Rogier Bos

Assistant professor Mathematics Education

Rogier Bos uses the lightboard for his mathematics classes

“After working at a secondary school for more than seven years, I returned to Utrecht University and joined the Faculty of Science to do research and experiments on Mathematics Education. As of my graduation I stayed in contact with some of my current colleagues, for example through the U-talent programme for secondary school students and teachers. I think it is very exciting to contribute to Mathematics education from an academic point of view now.

I join teaching conferences, such as the UU Onderwijsparade and Teaching & Learning Lab Autumnfestival.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of mathematics and education through a variety of means. This includes writing for the Dutch magazine for teachers Euclides, teaching at U-talent, and developing Wiskunde D Online for secondary schools. 

And of course I share knowledge and discuss with students and colleagues as well. I do so by joining annual teaching conferences, such as the UU Onderwijsparade and Teaching & Learning Lab Autumnfestival, I reach out to my colleagues and also present my experience and knowledge. In other academic settings I of course discuss mathematics and education with the international scientific community.

I work in all kind of projects to improve education.

I work in all kind of projects to improve education, such as a European project on Mathematics as well as within the Faculty of Science. A few years ago our Chemistry students awarded me twice for teaching the two first-year courses ‘Mathematics for Chemists’. The courses have made the transition from secondary school to the university much smoother for Utrecht’s Chemistry students. The knowledge clips I made for them were appreciated a lot. Now, my colleagues and me also make knowledge clips for Master’s students to revise their mathematics. A lot of them need to refresh their mathematics knowledge, because in chemistry quite heavy mathematics is used.

I am connected to Utrecht University for a long time now. It started when I studied Mathematics at Utrecht University, and I left the academics to return there in my current position within the Freudenthal Institute. I enjoy this working place a lot. Enough challenges come up to keep me here. I do not see myself leaving this place.”

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