Benefits of working here

At Utrecht University we see our staff as holistic human beings. The Faculty of Science offers an impressive remuneration package that can be tailored to suit your needs. We also actively encourage and facilitate your professional development by funding further training, setting up internships and driving managerial development. What’s more, we promote a healthy work-life balance and offer reduced rates on sporting and cultural activities and IT equipment.

With various courses and personal support the Faculty helped me to write my VENI grant proposal as well as I could
Remuneration, insurance, reimbursement

We give you the freedom to choose how you are remunerated. This flexibility applies to your salary, year-end bonus, pension and insurance (health and other). We can even reimburse your commuting expenses.

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Professional development

We encourage you to attend courses and training programs; to apply for other jobs within the university; and to embark on managerial development. We will even reimburse your study costs.

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Work-life balance

We are flexible about when you work and when you don’t. We make it easy for you take paid parental leave, care leave and long-term leave.

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Sport, culture and IT

We encourage our staff to live rounded lifestyles by enabling them to play sport and attend cultural events at reduced rates. We also offer discounts on software and other IT products.

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Research support

The Research Support Office (RSO) of the Faculty of Science supports researchers in finding external funding for their research. There are many sources to fund research, each with their own goals and requirements, and many funding schemes are highly competitive.

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