About the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of a lot of fundamental connections: staff members who work together across the boundaries of their own disciplines. They do so from within the departments of Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Information & Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These departments consist of various institutes that together focus on important social issues. The foundations of our fundamental research are laid in our individual research groups, the building blocks of our ambitious scientific and multidisciplinary projects.

Kaart van Nederland met cijfers over de faculteit: 5 Schools, 6 departments, 7428 students, 1598 employees, 11 research institutes

The Faculty of Science comprises 6 departments, 5 schools, 11 research institutes, more than 1.300 employees and over 6.500 students. Of course we do all our research in close collaboration with social partners and the industry.

International character

The people that work at our faculty come from all over the world. In many cases they have been living in several different countries and have worked with people with all kinds of cultural backgrounds. How did they end up at Utrecht University? What motivated them to apply for a position here and what strikes them about Utrecht’s academic culture?

Bright minds

2010-2020 grants: 5 Spinoza Winners, 9 ERC advanced grants, 12 ERC starting grants, 10 ERC consolidator grants, 61 VENI laureates, 35 VIDI laureates, 13 VICI laureates

Our bright minds are ambitious and overlapping and we know that working together is the only way to connect all the dots. Among them are a Nobel prize winner, Spinoza winners and ERC grant winners. When it comes to acquiring funding, all of our scientific staff can call upon the services of the Research Support Office whose job it is to make securing funding for scientific projects easy. 

Faculty impression

  • Aerial photo USP
  • Pharmaceutical scientists working in the David de Wied building
  • Prof Bert Weckhuysen in a laboratory (photo: Kees Rutten)
  • Rainbow cycling path and tram Utrecht Science Park
  • New pantry at Information & Computing Science department is an example for the future
  • Fume hood instruction in a research laboratory
  • Faculty of Science buildings at Utrecht Science Park