Guest artists

Trijntje Oosterhuis

This internationally famous Dutch star once had her first break with her brother and their pop collective Total Touch. In the years that followed, she developed into one of the Netherlands’ most versatile vocalists, with a career marked by countless successes as a solo-artist, as well as collaborations with some of the world’s greatest names. Accompanied by the acclaimed Metropole Orkest, she recently put out the brand-new third instalment in her series of interpretations of the Burt Bacharach Songbook, followed by an extensive theatrical tour through the Netherlands. UUnited Music Festival sees Trijntje Oosterhuis join forces with the UUnited Orchestra to perform a selection of her most notable songs, both known and recent.

Dwight Dissels

Dwight Dissels stunned audiences and judges with his performance on The Voice of Holland and in his role as Jesus in The Passion. Since then, he has become one of the most played artists on 100% NL radio station. Though gospel is where his roots lie, Dwight has now become a household name in the Dutch pop scene. His trademark “Dutch soul” is memorable for his warm voice, positive vibes and message of hope. As Dwight puts it: “That’s maybe what’s most beautiful to me, when music has an impact on people and leaves them with a positive feeling. When my music is ‘feelgood music’.” Together with Dekoor, Dwight will be bringing a performance that’s guaranteed to tug at your heart strings.

That’s maybe what’s most beautiful to me, when music has an impact on people and leaves them with a positive feeling. When my music is ‘feelgood music’.

Dwight Dissels

Brigitte Kaandorp

Brigitte Kaandorp’s career started in Amsterdam during the open mic nights at Theater de Engelenbak. In 1983, her wishy-washy demeanour and habit of getting sidetracked and losing herself in endless ramblings wins her first prize at the Camerettenfestival. As a standup comedian she is known for her frumpy dresses, ukulele and high heels. In 2006 she won the Gouden Harp award for her music. The jury commented:

The recipe: immensely self-deprecatory songs, preferably accompanied on the ukulele, inflating her own clumsiness, a sublime sense of timing and a heart-warming ability to improvise. She knows how to enlarge any incident from daily life in such a way that brings out its inherent absurdity.

Maarten Hogenhuis

Maarten Hogenhuis is one of the Netherlands’ leading young saxophonists and composers and will be treading the boards alongside the Utrechtse Studenten Bigband. He belongs to several collectives including BRUUT! and Krupa & The Genes as well as leading his own Maarten Hogenhuis Trio. Among the accolades Maarten has garnered are the illustrious Keep an EYE International Jazz Award, the Laren Singer Award and the Conservatorium Talent Award. As if all this wasn’t enough, in 2019 he was selected for the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival Composition Assignment

Roel C. Verburg

Guitarist-comedian Roel C. Verburg is known for his laid-back personality onstage and his funny songs (a few examples roughly translate as “Worst Rapper on the Block” and “Believer in your Beaver”).

Being the only one in the business combining standup with music (a joke if you know anything about the Dutch cabaret scene), he sings out his jokes in quickfire succession. As well as at one time having a weekly timeslot on 3FM, Radio Veronica and NPO Radio 5 he also made television appearances on the satirical show Kopspijkers, DWDD and Padoem Patsss. He is one of the regular players at the Amsterdam Comedy Café and performed at various festivals. At UUnited, Roel will join forces with Huisorkest to bridge the gap between comedy and music.

Sarah Neutkens

Sarah Neutkens is a Dutch composer, model, artist and writer. She started making music and composing at an early age. In 2016, she released her first EP, Hexagon, followed in 2019 by her debut album Pieces for Strings, performed by The Dutch String Collective. She puts out her music under her own record label Neutra Records to ensure full artistic freedom. We’re honoured to have this many-sided talent working with Kunstorkest!

Karin Bloemen

Karin Bloemen is a singer and standup comedian whose beautiful songs, colourful appearance and energetic shows and theatre performances have ensured her a place in the spotlight since 1983. A Karin Bloemen show is always a unique experience. She can switch from exuberant and extroverted to subdued and sensitive at the drop of a hat. As a student at the Academie voor Kleinkunst in Amsterdam Bloemen already won several awards, quickly propelling her to fame as a young artist. She honed her skills as a singer and actress in various Dutch musicals, feature films, television and radio programmes and as a popular guest star. UUnited will see Karin take on the part of Medusa in a whirlwind show with – of course – Medusa student women’s choir.

Doris Hochsheid

Doris Hochscheid is a cellist and an explorer. Apart from music, she is passionate about theatre. She is a member of the world-renowned ASKO Ensemble, half of a duo with pianist Frans van Ruth and is a sought-after performer, working with directors to create musical theatre performances. For her, a concert has to be about more than achieving a purely musical aim – it’s only complete when the music is enriched with a theatrical dimension, because musical theatre is so much better at conveying both story and emotion. Which is exactly what she’ll be doing together with student chamber choir USCantorij!

Persis Bekkering

Persis Bekkering writes essays, columns, interviews and literary criticism for national newspaper NRC Handelsblad, literary journal De Gids and Mister Motley, among others. In 2018 she published her debut novel Een heldenleven (A Hero’s Life), about two violinists struggling with their perfectionism. Her second novel Exces (Excess) appeared in May 2021 and is set in the world of techno music. Her work draws on a wide range of cultural sources including literature, visual arts and performing arts, and offers a critical perspective on current political and social issues. Persis is a popular guest at cultural platforms and festivals, including recently Crossing Border Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Wiener Festwochen.

Persis has a special connection with music: she is a violin player and played for years with Domstad Jeugd Orkest, the Utrecht youth orchestra. Image: Stine Sampers

Arthur Lutz & Mitch de Klein

Arthur Lutz is a hydrologist working at Utrecht University. His research centres on the role of mountains in the hydrological cycle and how climate change and growing water usage disrupt the water cycle. In particular, it focuses on the Himalayas and adjacent mountain regions, which form the main water source for hundreds of thousands of people living downstream.

Mitch de Klein is an up-and-coming melodic techno producer and DJ based in Utrecht. From his flexible view on the genre he creates a unique set for every event. He is a fixture at Utrecht’s Club Basis and has played big events like the Amsterdam Dance Event, Pleinvrees and Nachtcollege.