A festival is only ever as good as its line-up. On Thursday 24 March 2022, the stages of TivoliVredenburg will resound with a variety of musical styles. Headlining are the Utrecht University music associations, who will be presenting their unique collaborative projects with well-known Dutch artists on the main stage in the Grote Zaal and in Hertz, Cloud Nine and Pandora. Below you’ll find all the details on these one-off partnerships. Don’t forget to check out Podium 030 in the KF Hein Foyer as well!

Dekoor ft. Dwight Dissels

Dekoor doesn’t just s(w)ing, each of their songs tells a story. The same applies to Dwight Dissels: “to me it’s important to really live a song, to be able to truly share the heart of it with the listener.” Soundwise, working together with Dwight has been an inspirational experience and a musical eyeopener for Dekoor. Apart from the jazz, pop, classical and world music genres, the choir also regularly brings gospel to the stage. This year’s UUnited Festival will see Dekoor and Dwight present a bewitching blend of pop and gospel songs.

Huisorkest ft. Roel C. Verburg

Every year, Huisorkest strives to combine new talent and other art forms with the power of music. This festival edition, they join Roel C. Verbrug in bridging the gap between comedy and music. Roel’s loose, improvisational style creates an intimate atmosphere that perfectly matches the spirit of Huisorkest.

Kunstorkest and L.O.F. Dancecrew ft. Sarah Neutkens

Kunstorkest and composer Sarah Neutkens join forces this year in bringing a number of Sarah’s pieces to the stage. For the occasion, Sarah has arranged some of her compositions for Baroque instruments. They are underscored by the dancers of L.O.F. Dancecrew, adding their power to this unique performance. A real must-see!

Studentenvrouwenkoor Medusa ft. Karin Bloemen

During the last edition of UUnited, Medusa student women’s choir was struck by the lack of female guest artists. This year, they aim to address the representational gap by collaborating with one of the Netherlands’ most powerful women in theatre: Karin Bloemen. For this musical performance, Karin will appropriately take on the role of the snake-haired goddess. 

Utrechtse Studenten Bigband ft. Maarten Hogenhuis

The music of Maarten Hogenhuis has been described as “superjazz”, a perfect fit with the dynamic sound of Utrecht Student Big Band. Maarten himself has earned his big band spurs as artistic leader of the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest and recently as soloist with the Peter Beets & Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra. Expect a whirlwind set which will have your hips swaying!

Utrechtsch Studenten Concert ft. Brigitte Kaandorp

USConcert and Brigitte Kaandorp make a dream team: both are absolutely fearless. Putting on Tijl, the biggest Dutch language opera, in a self-built theatre (USConcert), or performing The Valkyrie – written for nine voices – as a one woman show (Brigitte)? Nothing is impossible – as they’ll prove once more during UUnited 2022.

Utrechtse Studenten Cantorij ft. Doris Hochscheid

UUnited 2022 sees USCantorij working with cellist and performer Doris Hochscheid. The combination of choir and cello is all too rare, considering such breathtakingly beautiful music has been written for it. This organic performance is the outcome of a process of associative improvisation on these musical pieces and the emotional responses they conjure up. The result promises to be a scintillating show, in which the physical and theatrical interaction between Doris, the USCantorij singers and the audience will play a crucial part!

Utrechts Studenten Koor en Orkest ft. Persis Bekkering

The Utrecht Student Choir and Orchestra is one of the largest student music associations in the Netherlands. They are joined on stage by writer and literary critic Persis Bekkering. USKO will be putting on Mendelssohns Walpurgisnacht, a piece based on the works of Goethe describing a magical ritual. On “Walpurgis night”, the most fantastical creatures gather together: witches, dragons, devils… Persis Bekkering will provide a literary introduction. During the performance, the story of Walpurgisnacht will be brought to life by Elf Fantasy Fair models providing an artistic visual interpretation of the folk tale.

UUnited Orchestra ft. Trijntje Oosterhuis

UUnited Orchestra provides this year’s closing act with none other than Trijntje Oosterhuis. This internationally famous Dutch star first caught the public’s attention with her brother and their pop collective Total Touch. In the years that followed, she developed into one of the Netherlands’ most versatile vocalists. Accompanied by the Metropole Orkest, she recently presented the brand-new third instalment in her series of interpretations of the Burt Bacharach Songbook. Together with the UUnited Orchestra, Trijntje Oosterhuis will be performing a selection of her most notable songs, both old and recent. Immerse yourself in this total Trijntje-experience and be amazed by everything the Utrecht student music association have to offer!

Hydrologist Arthur Lutz and DJ & producer Mitch de Klein

In “Mountains Are Our World’s Water Towers” science meets electronic music. Water expert Arthur Lutz and DJ & producer Mitch de Klein take you on a musical and visual journey through our planet’s hydrological cycle. The grooviest beats will carry you along to monumental glaciers, vast plains of snow, breath-taking views and rushing rivers. On this journey you’ll experience the crucial part mountains play in providing us with water, and how the future of the planet’s water cycle is increasingly at risk.