Do you want to solve sustainability challenges for your university, perform research for a real project, and help Utrecht University become more sustainable while earning credits for one of your courses? You can do this and more with UULabs, with promising research and solutions leading to real change at Utrecht University.  

Utrecht University opens up its vast campus grounds as real-life experimentation space for sustainable development living labs. UULabs mobilises and connects students, researchers, staff and partners to work together on living labs for sustainable development on campus.

Being part of something real for the university was really nice. To be working on a real problem, to have people interested in the problem, to see what you’ve been working on, to be enthusiastic about it and really consider it. It wasn’t just a piece of coursework that was done and never looked at again, it was followed up to see if it could be implemented.

Molly Adams
Master's student that took the 'Nudging - Social Health and Organisational Psychology' course