Third Lustrum Utrecht University School of Economics

The Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) invites everyone to celebrate its 15th anniversary in September. Get inspired by the best speakers on topics that shape our modern economy. Join the debates.

Addressing economic issues from a real-world-perspective, there will be top speakers, both from Utrecht University and from key positions in academics, government, and business.

Various events mark this festive month.

Inaugural lecture of Maarten Goos
Maarten Goos

On 4 September, Maarten Goos will deliver his inaugural lecture as Professor of Institutions and Economics.
In this lecture, titled The Human Side of Bits, Goos will explain the recent paradigm shift in the way economists think about the impact of digitisation on society.

Venue: University Hall, Utrecht University at 4.15 pm.

Wendy Carlin
Wendy Carlin

On 11 September, Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics and Macroeconomics at University College London and director of the CORE (which stands for Curriculum Open access Resources in Economics) project is a guest at U.S.E.

The CORE Book: The Economy, is a textbook in the first year of the Bachelor programme at U.S.E. Carlin will have meetings with students and give a lecture at U.S.E. In addition, she will participate in the Interdisciplinarity Symposium in of University College Utrecht.

Over de dijken: the Position of the Netherlands 10 years after the outbreak of the financial crisis
Coen Teulings

Please note, this event will be held in Dutch.

On 14 September, Coen Teulings, Professor of Economics, Institutions and Society at Utrecht University will give a lecture on the ways the financial crisis and the euro crisis, have shaped the world economy. It gave rise to Brexit in England and some might argue, to president Trump in the United States. What is the position of the Netherlands in this new, risky world? And what is the role of Europe?
Professor Coen Teulings was director of the CPB, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, during both the financial crisis and the euro crisis. After sharing his thoughts and experiences, he will invite four speakers to the stage for a debate, led by NPO Radio 1 presenter Petra Grijzen:

●     Aart Jan de Geus  (Bertelsmann Stiftung)
●     Bas van Bavel (Utrecht University)
●     Koos Timmermans (ING Group)
●     Marike Stellinga (NRC)
Please note, this event will be held in Dutch.

Day of Digital Times

On 26 September, the Day of Digital Times is celebrated at Utrecht University School of Economics. Bringing together three keynote speakers from science, government, and business, and four workshops combining science and practice.

Speakers will be:
●     Marieke Blom (Chief Economist ING Netherlands)
●     Dominique Guellec (Head of Science and Technology Policy Division of the OECD)
●     Scott Stern (David Sarnoff Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management)
And also:
●     Jan-Maarten van Sonsbeek (Chief Science Officer of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment)
●     Marcel Das (Director of CentERdata and professor of Econometrics and Data Collection at Tilburg University)
●     Erik de Bruijn (Founder and CEO of Ultimaker)
●     Bert Willekens (Economic advisor in the Chief Economist Team at the Belgian Competition Authority)

Heritage day 2018 (Open Monumentendag 2018)

On Saturday 8 September, the campus will be open to the public as part of Open Monumentendag. Visit our grounds! A self-guided tour with multiple stops at the monuments on the International Campus Utrecht will be available to visitors.