Sustainable finance

This theme focuses mainly on institutions and governmental issues regarding financial markets, monetary policy and money laundering. U.S.E. wrote a report for the parliamentary research committee investigating the financial system in the Netherlands.

Since 2015 U.S.E. has accommodated the Sustainable Finance Lab.

Publications (selection)

  • SpeklĂ© R., Verbeeten F.H.M. (2014), The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector: effects on performance, Management Accounting Research, 25(2): 131-146.
  • Bertoni F., Lugo S. (2014), The effect of Sovereign Wealth Funds on the Credit Risk of their Portfolio Companies, Journal of Corporate Finance, 27: 21-35.
  • Kool C., Middeldorp M., Rosenkranz S. (2011), Central bank transparency and the crowding out of private information in financial markets, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 43(4): 765-774.

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