Sustainability and economic development

This theme focuses on research on international trade, location sites, productivity and economic growth.

Project FIRES

For the project FIRES, Financial and Institutional Reform for the Entrepreneurial Society the project team has received a grant of 2.5 million euros of the European Union. A multidisciplinary team researches how the EU can realise economic growth by renewal of innovative financial institutions and how the entrepreneurial climate in Europe can change the labour market. More information: FIRES website.

Key Publications (selection)

  • Aerts, J. C. J. H., Botzen, W. J., Clarke, K. C., Cutter, S. L., Hall, J. W., Merz, B., ... & Kunreuther, H. (2018). Integrating human behaviour dynamics into flood disaster risk assessment. Nature Climate Change, 1.
  • Brakman S., Marrewijk C. van (2013), Lumpy countries, urbanization, and trade, Journal of International Economics, 89(1): 252-261.
  • Groot L., Zonneveld E. (2013), EU budget contributions and expenditures: a Lorenz curve approach, Journal of Common Market studies, 51(4): 649-666.
  • Jayachandran, S., De Laat, J., Lambin, E. F., Stanton, C. Y., Audy, R., & Thomas, N. E. (2017). Cash for carbon: A randomized trial of payments for ecosystem services to reduce deforestation. Science, 357(6348), 267-273.
  • Sanders M., Fuss S., Engelen P.J. (2013), Mobilizing private funds for carbon capture and storage: an exploratory field study in the Netherlands, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 19: 595-605.
  • Ward, P. J., Jongman, B., Aerts, J. C., Bates, P. D., Botzen, W. J., Loaiza, A. D., ... & Winsemius, H. C. (2017). A global framework for future costs and benefits of river-flood protection in urban areas. Nature climate change, 7(9), 642.

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