U.S.E. researchers often publish about behavioural economics, social networking, experimental economics, for instance on pension policy, institutions, industrial organisation and consumers’ choices.

An example is the project Sustainable decision-making: non-monetary incentives for pro-social behaviour in the energy sector, by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This has resulted in a follow-up using the project insights to conduct a series of experiments on efficient use of energy in companies.

Publications (selection)

  • De Jaegher, Kris (2015), Beneficial Long Communication in the Multi-Player Electronic Mail Game, AEJ: Microeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Rosenkranz S., Weitzel U. (2012), Network structure and strategic investments: an experimental analysis, Games and Economic Behavior, 75(2): 898-920.
  • Rosenkranz S., Puppe C. (2011), Why suggested non-binding retail prices, Economica, 78(310): 317-329.

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