Behavioural insights for policy making

U.S.E. researchers often publish about behavioural economics, social networking, experimental economics, for instance on pension policy, institutions, industrial organisation and consumers’ choices.

An example is the project Sustainable decision-making: non-monetary incentives for pro-social behaviour in the energy sector, by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This has resulted in a follow-up using the project insights to conduct a series of experiments on efficient use of energy in companies.

Publications (selection)

  • De Jaegher, Kris (2015), Beneficial Long Communication in the Multi-Player Electronic Mail Game, AEJ: Microeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Rosenkranz S., Weitzel U. (2012), Network structure and strategic investments: an experimental analysis, Games and Economic Behavior, 75(2): 898-920.
  • Rosenkranz S., Puppe C. (2011), Why suggested non-binding retail prices, Economica, 78(310): 317-329.

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