Research and teaching of the chair of Organisational Economics are focused on the internal and external organization of firms, especially issues concerning mergers & acquisitions, networks, innovation,  firm exit, industrial dynamics, corporate governance and public policy on regulation, competition and innovation. The research domain of the chair concerns the analysis of the organization of economic activities, based on insights from economics, sociology, geography and innovation studies.

 Examples of  research are:

  • The impact of mergers and acquisitions on innovation (Elena Cefis & Hans Schenk);
  • Logic formalisation of organisation theories (Gábor Peli);
  • the co-evolution of industrial dynamics and the growth of cities (Elena Cefis);

The chair has strong connections to other scientific institutes like the University of Bergamo, Laboratory of Economics and Management (L.E.M.) - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa), University of Cambridge, Max Planck Institute of Economics (Jena), Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR, the Hague), and Antwerp Centre for Evolutionary Demography (ACED) at the University of Antwerp.