Chair of Labour Economics

The research within the chair of Labour Economics stands in the long tradition of multidisciplinary labour market research that started at Utrecht University in the seventies of the previous century. Combining insights from scientific disciplines like sociology, demography and law with economic theory the research covers a broad variety of topics that is not only relevant from a scientific point of view, but also from a policy perspective. It includes topics like:

  • ageing of the labour market and the position of older workers;
  • gender inequality in the labour market (with special attention for the glass ceiling and gender discrimination);
  • the development of life courses;
  • the role of human capital and lifelong learning, self-employment and labour market flexibility.

Most studies are characterized by a theoretically based empirical approach, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods (surveys, vignette studies, interviews). Much of the research includes an international comparison and is performed in cooperation with researchers from other disciplines. Over the past decade a strong focus has been on the role of employers and of institutions in the labour market.