Chair of Applied Econometrics

The general goals of the chair of Applied Econometrics, are to further advance and profile U.S.E.’s teaching and research towards high quality multidisciplinary economics. Economic teaching and research at U.S.E. is clearly oriented towards the practical and applied side of economics. However, every chair is expected to devote serious attention to economic theory.

The chair of Applied Econometrics plays an important role in all Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of U.S.E. As opposed to most other economic faculties and departments in the Netherlands, U.S.E. does not offer Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes in econometrics, mathematical economics or operations research. Nevertheless, U.S.E. attaches great importance to having an excellent chair and chair group of Applied Econometrics. The level of knowledge and skills in quantitative methods and econometrics that students are expected to acquire at U.S.E. is equal to that of any other economics and business economics programme in the Netherlands. In addition, the applied profile of teaching and research puts extra weight on the pivotal role of the chair of Applied Econometrics.

The chair of Applied Econometrics is responsible for teaching econometrics, statistics and mathematics. The field of econometrics is oriented to testing economic theories and analyzing quantitative and qualitative economics relationships and the methodological problems that arise from them empirically. Both in teaching and research the emphasis is placed on applied econometrics which means that attention is paid to problems dealing with data processing, the forming of econometric models, the application and applicability of available estimation techniques and the interpretation of estimation results.

In terms of individual research interests and expertise, the chair’s purpose is not only to have high-quality output from the chair itself, but especially to have the chair play a pivotal role in creating added value and synergies in applied multidisciplinary economics research within U.S.E. and in attracting additional outside funding for new research initiatives.

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