De kloostertuin
Monastery garden

The Pandhof is the monastery garden of the Dom Church. This hidden garden is situated between the Dom Church and the University Hall, and iit s a lovely idyllic spot full of flowers and herbs. From the Pandhof you have a nice view of the Dom tower, the church and the University Hall.

The Pandhof is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30-15.30 hours. You can visit the Pandhof with small groups, for example for a guided tour or photo shoot. We ask you to make a reservation via the Reservations Office: A visit is possible when taking into account the measures due to the coronavirus.


The oldest foundations of the current Pandhof garden date back from the late 14th century. The Pandhof connected the Dom church and the Groot Kapittelhuis. In addition, the Pandhof was a cemetery and a place for religious contemplation. Because it was long unclear who owned the Pandhof, residents could use the garden for their own purposes. Nut trees were planted and the courtyard was used for the storage of old cars, keeping chickens and drinking beer. In 1634 the 'Illustrious School' was founded, a school resulting from the ideas of the new Protestant Church. Because students had to walk through the Pandhof to go to the lecture rooms in the Groot Kapittelhuis, the Pandhof became the 'wandelplaets van d'Academie' ('wandering place of the Academy'). The nut trees were cut down and all local residents lost the right of passage. The Pandhof became property of the Utrecht University.