Valedictory lectures

Valedictory lectures are generally viewed as faculty ceremonies organised by the faculty involved. 

Date of valedictory lecture

Orators wishing to deliver a valedictory lecture at the University Hall should contact the Beadle’s Office to arrange a date. Valedictory lectures typically start at 4.15 p.m.


The orator is responsible for the invitations to his/her valedictory lecture and the mailing thereof. If required, the Beadle’s Office can provide the addresses of the university’s professors.


Processions are not generally part of the ceremony. However, if desired, the Beadle can be asked to lead a procession to the Auditorium. NB: The Beadle will not lead the procession at the end of the ceremony. For the order of the procession, see under Inaugural lectures.


Orators wishing to hold a reception at the Senate Hall should contact the Beadle’s Office to make a booking. Catering can be arranged by Catering Oud London, to be contacted at +31 30 253 8254.


In view of the Auditorium’s acoustics, it is imperative that the microphone level be set correctly. The orator is responsible for arranging and attending a microphone test on the day of the valedictory lecture. The University Hall’s Reception (+31 30 253 8252) is the contact point. Orators who wish to make use of other audio-visual facilities should contact the University Hall’s Reception no later than a week before the ceremony.


The University Hall is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. A lift provides access to the upper floor (Senate Hall) for those unable to use the stairs. 


Beadle’s Office: +31 30 253 8259
Reception University Hall: +31 30 253 8252
Catering Oud London: +31 30 253 8254