Visiting Students: Requirements, Fees, Procedure

You can become a visiting student at University College Utrecht to take individual UCU courses or to do an internship.

    Two categories of visiting students

    1. Alumni of UCU doing an internship for which enrollment is required.

    Requirements and conditions:

    • Bachelor degree obtained at UCU
    • Contribution to scholarship fund €500,-
    • Strict adherence to the rules for a visiting student internship as indicated in the agreement form
    • Enrollment for the duration of the internship
    • Internships have to take place within one academic year

    Once accepted as a visiting student doing an internship, you should fill out and submit these two forms: 

    2. Students who attend one or more courses at UCU

    Requirements and conditions:

    • Secondary school diploma that is admittable to UCU in general (see requirements degree students and the high school diploma list) 
    • Specific course prerequisites 
    • English proficiency 
    • University GPA 3.0 
    • Letter of motivation 
    • No application fee 
    • No visa support 
    • Left over places in courses only
    • For students registered at a Dutch Higher Education Institution: € 250,- per course 
    • No extra charges for UU students
    • For all others: € 1000,- per course

    Bank details

    Bank: ABN AMRO 
    IBAN: NL15ABNA0513596860 
    University College Utrecht, P.O. Box 2059, 3500 GB Utrecht, the Netherlands