“University College Utrecht cultivates critical thinking and the skill to address problems from multiple angles.”

Hidde Bosch
Class of 2016
Double degree law

Present job: Lawyer at the Ministry for Economic Affairs

What and when did you study at University College Utrecht? 

At University College, I did the Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts & Sciences. I started in 2012 and graduated in 2016. Next to doing law, I mainly focused on political science.

Why did you choose for University College?  

I chose for it, because it allowed me to combine law with other disciplines. Looking back, I am glad I made this decision, since I feel that studying multiple disciplines has been a valuable contribution to the development of my knowledge and skills.

Looking back at your study at University College Utrecht, what would you consider as the most important discovery that you made during your studies, and how did it influence your life later on? 

In my third year, I went on exchange to Leeds, in northern England. Despite England being practically a neighbour of the Netherlands, I spotted quite some differences between the two countries. Seeing these differences and gaining distance from my home country, made me realize I had always considered the Dutch way of doing things the 'default' way. I think my exchange taught me to be more critical of my own country.

What was your biggest surprise at University College with regard to your study or otherwise?

The dedication and enthusiasm of the students is impressive. While excelling academically, many students participate in campus committees. Some students even manage to be involved in three committees at the same time. All these committees and the interesting activities they organize make the campus such a vibrant place.

Would you say that University College Utrecht has contributed to your career and life and if so, how?

Absolutely. University College cultivates critical thinking and the skill to address problems from multiple angles. These two skills are highly relevant in my career. Studying there also means living and learning with people from all over the world. I think this has contributed to my understanding of different cultures.

How about your career, then? Do you have any plans for the future? 

At this moment I work as a lawyer at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Here I draft legislation and provide legal advice. I am also a member of the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad) of the Ministry.

I started at the Ministry as a trainee. I completed my traineeship in June 2019. During my two-year traineeship I studied at the Academy for Legislation next to working at the Ministry. Here I followed a Master's programme in legislation. In the future, I will further develop myself to become a real expert in my job. Drafting high quality legislation is a challenging job, so there's still a lot to learn. 

If you had to describe University College Utrecht in three words, which would those words be?

Bright, inspiring, vibrant.