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The SPOTLIGHT Scholarship Blog is a digital space where students and faculty members of all UCU tracks can post their academic work linked to a (socio)legal, political or historical issue. We encourage students and faculty to share their opinions and academic articles (including thesis summaries) regardless of their academic field. We aim to achieve interdisciplinary, critical reflections and the production of innovative content.

With the aid of the NPO funds, UCU faculty and students have come together to produce this platform. Under the lead of the Law track Fellow: Diana Odier-Contreras and support of Gamze Avci, and Eric Jacobs, students and staff hope to create a space where the UCU community can debate urgent and ongoing global issues that we face.

This Blog is dedicated in the memory of Judge Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade, whose revolutionary and trailblazing judgments are still critical in our world today. Even as early as 1982, he wrote that the environment cannot be separated from human rights, among other innovative arguments. He also made sure to give his time to students and visitors during his term at the International Court of Justice, to engage in discussion and debate. Diana has brought several classes to these discussions prior to his passing. Just as Judge Cançado wrote his many poignant works and touched the minds of many in his discussions, we aim to inspire engaging debates here at SPOTLIGHT Scholarship Blog.

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts on the following topics, whether it be in the form of an opinion editorial or academic article? We welcome all submissions and firmly believe that each unique voice deserves a platform. Here you can submit an opinion editorial and an academic article. Instructions and requirements are included in the links.

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