UCU Vising Student Judy Goh
Jody Goh (right) in Utrecht

"Sitting against a tree outdoors on the quad with the sun beating down my face, the campus looks grander than ever. My time at UCU would be characterised by my freedom – freedom to pipe up in class and be acknowledged for my opinions, freedom to contemplate choices between attending a political debate, going to Open Mic night at the bar, or finally cracking down to start on that presentation. During my time here, I became friends with people from more diverse backgrounds than I had ever met. In classes, I was not one in a sea of anonymous faces, but a welcome contributor to discussions and avid listener in guest lectures ranging from evolutionary causes to environmental ecosystem modelling. As an exchange student, I was lucky to be on the Board of Scope, UCU’s academic magazine. As the managing editor, I worked with a stellar team of dedicated, passionate individuals to release the upcoming Summer 2014 issue."

- Goh Jia Chen Judy, UCU Spring 2014 Exchange Student from the National University of Singapore