English Proficiency

Since English is the official language at University College Utrecht, applicants are required to demonstrate proof of proficiency. The following exemptions apply:

  • American high school diploma and AP exam scores: no further proof of English proficiency is required if all secondary education is completed in English.
  • Austrian students are exempt from providing English test scores if their most recent grade for English is a 1.
  • Chinese students must apply and obtain a Nuffic certificate before their visa application can be submitted, which includes taking an IELTS or TOEFL test. More information.
  • European Baccalaureate students are exempt if they have English as L1. All other EB students must submit test scores at the time of application.
  • Flemish students are exempt from providing English test scores if their most recent grade for English is 80% or above.
  • German students are exempt from providing English test scores if their Abitur grade for English is 13 or higher. Please note that students following a combined Abitur/Baccalauréat programme are not exempt from this rule, and will need to submit English test scores at the time of application.
  • IB diploma: For students following a full International Baccalaureate program with all courses (except foreign language courses) taught exclusively in English, there is no need to add additional proof of English proficiency. 
  • Option International du Baccalauréat students are not exempt and need to provide a test score at the time of application.
  • VWO students, with a grade of 8.0 for English or above on your grade list or diploma is sufficient evidence of English proficiency. If your English grade on your most recent VWO transcript, at the time of the submission of your application, is lower than 8.0, you must prove your English proficiency by submitting a certificate of one of the tests listed below.
    • Please note that taking IB English (not as part of an IB diploma programme) does not meet the requirements, and thus the same criteria apply.
    • For TTO (bilingual education) students, the same criteria apply as for VWO students. 
  • For students from an exclusively English taught secondary education (with the exception for foreign language courses), no further proof of proficiency is required​.
  • Full year of university with English as the sole language of instruction and communication may give you an exemption from providing proof of English proficiency, if you have achieved high results. Please contact us if you think you qualify for an exemption. However, if we don’t accept your results as proof of English proficiency, you will still have to provide us with a valid English Proficiency test certificate before the application deadline.

If you do not meet the requirements listed, one of the tests indicated below will provide proof of English proficiency. The tests should not be more than 2 years old at the time of submitting the application.

We advise to take the English Proficiency test at least 2 months before the application deadline. For your application to be considered, all documents, including proof of your English proficiency, must be uploaded before the application deadline. To treat all candidates equally, we cannot make exceptions. Your English proficiency results need to be in form of an official certificate or you need to authorize UCU to verify your results online. Incomplete applications cannot be considered and will be rendered inactive.

Accepted are the IELTS test, TOEFL test, the CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English), which is now called C1 Advanced and the CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English), which is now called C2 Proficiency: 

Test Minimum Score
CAE/C1 Advanced B/194
CPE/C2 Proficiency C/200
IELTS Academic A minimum of 7.0 for all components
TOEFL Internet based 100

Other English Proficiency tests (e.g. other Cambridge certificates like CFE/B2 First, Anglia, SAT, ACT, EF) are not accepted as proof of English proficiency.