Frans Schutgens, Class of 2008

Enjoy your time, do not only study

frans schutgens

Major: Science (Pre-Medical and Cell Biology)

Further education: Master of Science in Molecular Medicine at Imperial College in London and SUMMA at Utrecht University, followed by PhD at the Hubrecht Institute and University Medical Centre Utrecht

Current position: Pathologist in training at Amsterdam University Medical Centre 


Why did you choose for this field?

“I enjoy thinking about and solving cases – on basis of biopsies – and providing patients with correct diagnoses.”

How did University College Utrecht prepare you for your further studies and career?

“At University College Utrecht I learned transferable skills such as how to write academic papers, how to study efficiently and how to present.”

What is your best memory from your time at the College?

“After a party at the end of the Spring semester, with a group of friends we moved our beds outside to the yard for a pyjama party.”

Do you have any good advice for (future) University College Utrecht students?

“Do not only study, but also enjoy your time. It is quite cool and special to live so close to many of your friends.”