Christopher Robin "Bob" van Rugge, class of 2016

University College Utrecht helped me grow and become who I am today.

christopher robin van rugge

Major: Mathematics and Economics, Minor: Statistics

Further education: MSc in Behavioural Science for Managment and Policy at University of Stirling, United Kingdom

Current occupation: PhD in Environmental Psychology and Philosophy at University of Groningen

What do you like most about your current job? 

The freedom to do research in a field I genuinely care about and the fact that I get paid to do it.

How did University College Utrecht prepare you for your life after graduation? 

The interdisciplinary nature of University College Utrecht helped me get into both my MSc programme and my PhD. Even though I never completed a degree in  Psychology or Philosophy, my interdisciplinary academic background made me uniquely qualified for the position. 

What is your best memory of University College Utrecht? 

Academically, University College Utrecht is fantastic, for sure, but the countless nights spent in the bar with the rest of the BarCo board (students' club - red.) and the (other half of the) nights spent in the living room with some of my closest friends will always stay as my best memories from the time. The fact that some of my closest friends right now are the people I met at the college is telling of the social athmosphere that is fostered within the college community. 

Do you have any advice for current or future students? 

Study what you like, do the extra-curricular activities that you want, have as much fun as you can, but most importantly, take care of yourself. 

And further...

I loved my time at University College Utrecht and wouldn't trade it for the world. It helped me grow and become who I am today. It opened all the doors I wanted and showed me that even though some of the doors were open, I no longer wanted to go through them. The campus experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and made it all the more special.