Cato Bui (Class of 2016)

Explore your own opportunities and go for it. As long as it adds to your personal or professional development, University College Utrecht will support you in all ways possible.

Major: Interdepartmental major in Sciences and Social Sciences

Further Education: MSc in Strategic Management at RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam

Position: Associate Account Strategist at Google

Location: Netherlands

Design your own curriculum

After graduating from high school in the Netherlands, I wanted to study a bachelor’s programme that allowed me to develop myself both professionally and personally. I liked the idea of combining different courses, so University College Utrecht was the perfect place for me. The college stimulates students to go further than their own field of study and motivates students to get the best out of themselves. You can really design your own curriculum, even by adding courses the college does not offer. The possibility to take off-campus courses was very valuable for me. I went on exchange in my fourth semester to take even more in-depth courses in corporate sustainability, and I also did a half year internship at a company to gain real-life experiences.

University College Utrecht prepared me for life after college

After my graduation, I was not sure what I wanted to study yet. I decided to postpone my Master’s studies for a year and started working at Deloitte Netherlands. Working there, I explored the opportunities in consultancy. I also did MSc Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management. My University College Utrecht education really prepared me for life after college. The courses, exchange opportunities and internships, provided me with enough knowledge and experience for the job and the Master’s studies.

My advice to all University College Utrecht students would be: everything is possible at the college, as long as you are prepared to work for it. Have conversations with your tutor, teachers and friends, explore your own opportunities and go for it. As long as it adds to your personal or professional development, the college will support you in all ways possible.