Anne Urai, class of 2010

Don't hesitate to explore

anne urai

Majors: Science (Cognitive Neuroscience and Cell Biology) and Humanities (Philosophy of Mind and Chinese language)

Further education: MSc in Brain and Mind Sciences at University College London and École Normale Supérieure, Paris, followed by PhD at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and University of Amsterdam

Current occupation: Postdoctoral research in Neuroscience at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA

What do you like most about your current job? 

Scientific research requires attention to details, team work, broad knowledge of current events in the field an creativity.

How did University College Utrecht prepare you for the life after graduation? 

That I took not just Neuroscience courses, but also Philosophy, made me appreciate the foundations and background of my field of study in more depth. 

What is your best memory of University College Utrecht? 

However great some classes were, my best memories are those of meeting people and making some of my current best friends.

Do you have any advice for current and future students? 

Don't hesitate to explore, travel and do things that may seem a bit random; it become harder and harder to find the time as you get older.