Support for Alumni

Graduates of UCU have access to a range of UCU and UU based services that focus on helping them prepare for next phases in their education and professional lives.

UCU Futures Centre

UCU’s Futures Centre is there to help you prepare for your next steps after graduation. The centre acts as a hub for a wide range of information, advice and guidance on further study, employability, CVs, and the labour market. The Futures Centre offers its services to UCU students from the first semester to young alumni up to 3 years after graduation. So, do not hesitate to visit us in case you need career related advice even after you’ve left UCU’s campus!

UU Career Services

UCU’s Futures Centre is part of a much broader UU initiative to support its students and graduates, and of course UCU alumni are most welcome to make use of the UU general services as well. Learn more about how UU Career Services can support you as you prepare for your professional career.