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and see below for an overview of financial support for those students enrolling in the full three-year bachelor program.

Financial Support

UCU Scholarship Fund 
University College Utrecht offers scholarships to both Dutch and international students who need finacial support to cover the cost of their study. All information about scholarships for applicants is available here. Please note that our scholarships are always extended in the form of a (partial) waiver, never exceed €12,500.00 and on average approximate €8,000.00.

Please note: The UCU Scholarship Fund assigns scholarships to students on behalf of the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Fund; these are not two separate funds. Applicants should therefore not confuse the information offered about the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship (for example on the bachelor and master websites).

Student Finance (in Dutch: "studiefinanciering") (Dutch students only)
As University College Utrecht is part of Utrecht University, all Dutch students are automatically eligible for student finance or ‘studiefinanciering’. 
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Student Finance (non-Dutch EEA, Surinamese and Swiss students only)
As an EEA student you are allowed to take up a part-time job in the Netherlands. If you (or your non-Dutch parent or partner) work more than 56 hours a month you may be eligible for student finance, paid monthly as a loan. 
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Tuition Fees Loan (non-Dutch EEA, Surinamese and Swiss students only)
If you are not eligible for Dutch student finance and you are a national of one of the countries which belong to the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you can apply for a loan or a contribution towards the payment of your tuition fees or course fees.
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Fafsa Loan (U.S. citizens only)
Utrecht University, including University College Utrecht, has been approved for Federal Financial Aid for American Students (FAFSA, FFEL). This means you can apply for a federal loan while studying at University College Utrecht or Utrecht University. 
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UCU Student Aid Fund
The UCU Student Aid Fund can support students who experience financial hardship after enrollment at University College Utrecht. Once accepted , students may apply for the support, and the amount of money that can be granted depends on each applicant's financial situation, but will be modest (unlikely to exceed €250). Support from the Student Aid Fund is mainly intended for purchasing academic books, funding field trips and the like, but will not be enough to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Nuffic's Grantfinder allows you to search for available grants and scholarships.

Brexit – consequences for British students

There will be no immediate consequences for students regarding the conditions of the tuition fees. Whether anything changes in the future will depend on the outcome of negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Please consult the Utrecht University Brexit page and government website for more detailed information.