Application Procedure Incoming Exchange Students

If you want to apply to UCU as an incoming exchange student, please follow the procedure below.

How to apply?

  • You must be nominated by your university to be eligible for admission to UCU. You can only apply as an incoming exchange student if your university is an exchange partner of UCU or UU
  • Your university sends UCU a list of nominated students
  • Nominated students are invited to submit their applications to UCU online. We are currently preparing to launch a new online application portal for the application round for Spring semester 2019. Once this new portal is available, we will notify your home university and publish the link to the application portal here. The deadline for submitting online applications for Spring 2019 will be October 1, 2018.
  • Your application will be assessed by UCU's Exchange Officer and Director of Education.

Criteria of judgment are the same as for all applicants at UCU:

  • academic excellence and curiosity
  • ambition and motivation, academically as well as professionally 
  • broad intellectual orientation
  • interest in contributing to campus life
  • social engagement
  • affinity with living and studying in an international environment

Sometimes a student will have an additional telephone interview with the Exchange Officer. In general the students will be accepted when they are nominated by a UCU exchange partner. Final decisions of admission are taken by the UCU Director of Education.

After acceptance (decisions taken after the application deadline), the UCU Admissions Office informs your home university and will send you an invitation letter and acceptance form.