Application Procedure Degree Students


Your application generally consists of seven elements:  

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. An official copy of your diploma(s) and grade list(s), or your most recent grade list if you haven't received your diploma yet. We do not accept predicted grades.
  3. 1 to 3 standardized recommendation form(s) submitted by your study advisor, principal or a teacher, who knows you well (this form is available on the online application form).
  4. A letter of motivation stating in your own words why you would like to study at University College Utrecht. In your letter, at least answer the following questions:
    - On the basis of your academic strengths and interests, why do you want to study at a Liberal Arts & Sciences College? 
    - On the basis of your personal experiences and ambitions, why do you want to be a student at a residential College? 
    Length of the motivation letter: Not longer than 500 words (or equivalent in sign count).
  5. Proof of English proficiency
  6. A portrait photograph.
  7. A photocopy of your passport.

You apply online to University College Utrecht.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to complete your application.

N.B. For your application to be considered, all documents must be uploaded by the application deadline. Incomplete applications cannot be considered and will be rendered inactive.


The selection procedure takes place in three phases: 

  1. Your application is checked for completeness and then reviewed. Based on this review you may be invited for an interview.
  2. Interviews are conducted by a member of the UCU faculty, either in person or over the telephone / Skype. The interview focuses not only on your academic performance but also inquires into your personal interests, background and motivations. The interview is held in English and will therefore also serve to assess your English proficiency. 
  3. If you are admitted you receive information on the registration procedure and, if applicable, additional information on visa and insurance. You also receive an acceptance form which you have to return for your admission to be processed. If you are not admitted you receive a rejection letter. It is possible to reapply for the next semester or academic year, but you will need to provide new information regarding your academic background or other relevant experience, otherwise your application will not be considered.


Due to the thorough and comprehensive nature of the procedure UCU enforces strict application deadlines and time schedules for the application process.

Early Decision

UCU now offers the opportunity to receive an early decision. The deadline for early decision is January 1. Early decision applicants will receive a decision on March 1. To qualify for early decision, applications must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The application file must be complete, including recommendation form(s), by the early decision deadline.
  • UCU must be able to fully assess the diploma and / or transcript submitted with the application.
  • The applicant must be available for an admissions interview before the third week of February.

If an application for the early decision deadline fails to meet one or more of these requirements, it cannot be considered for early decision; it can, however, be considered within the regular decision admissions procedure.  

UCU reserves the right to move the early decision date, should the Admissions Office become overburdened. If that happens all early decision applicants will be informed.

Communication with applicants 

Early decision applicants will receive a decision on March 1. This decision is either admitted, rejected or waitlisted. Waitlisted applicants will receive more information about the waitlist procedure. Applicants who are not invited for an interview, will be informed as soon as their application has been reviewed. You can check whether you qualify for early decision on the online application form.

All other applicants will receive a decision on May 1. This decision, too, is either admitted, rejected or waitlisted. Waitlisted applicants will receive more information about the waitlist procedure. Applicants who are not invited for an interview, will be informed as soon as their application has been reviewed. In exceptional cases applicants may receive a decision before May 1.

Transfer of Credit

Applicants who have completed course work at a university can apply for a transfer of credit, subject to the following constraints:

  • You can transfer either 30 or 60 ECTS (1 or 2 semesters of course work).
  • Requests are subject to assessment by and approval of the Board of Examination, based on the courses completed and the proposed area of studies at UCU.
  • Requests are assessed on an individual basis.

Note that not all university course work can automatically be considered for transfer of credit. The Dutch educational system differs from many other educational systems, and in some cases this means that university course work is required to be admitted to a Dutch university in the first place.