Application Procedures

If you want to apply to UCU, register in Studielink. Follow-up access details to the application form will be sent by email. Different procedures apply for:

Want to apply right away?


Contact the Admissions Office at or call +31 30 253 9900.


University College Utrecht encourages applications from students with disabilities and, wherever possible, will make arrangements to allow students with disabilities full access to the same facilities for study as all other students.

University College Utrecht has a Disability Services Coordinator, who can put the student in touch with the relevant services provided by UCU and Utrecht University. Students who may need special arrangements, or who wish to inform UCU of special personal health-related issues which may be relevant to their living and studying on campus, are encouraged to contact UCU's Student Life Officer / Disability Services Coordinator Mark Baldwin.

Right to information and privacy concerning UCU applicants

Out of concern for the privacy of our applicants, and in accordance with the revised EU privacy laws, we cannot discuss UCU admission applications with anyone other than the applicant in question. We advise applicants to e-mail us from the same e-mail address used for their UCU application, since this is easier for us to verify than, for example, a phone call. The only two exceptions we can make to this rule are if the applicant has given us written consent that specific application information can be shared with a specific third party (e.g. when the applicant temporarily does not have access to their e-mail account, and allows us to let a parent or guardian know about the outcome of the application process), or when the applicant in question is under 16 years old. The latter means that the applicant is a minor according to the new privacy laws, and that a parent or guardian is able to correspond with us about the application on behalf of the applicant. We thank you for your understanding, and for ensuring the privacy of our applicant is safeguarded this way.