Study Abroad

University College Utrecht encourages students to spend a period of time abroad, if you comply with a number of criteria including academic standing. Find out more about studying abroad on the Student Website. There are different types of programs: 

Programs on location: Aruba, China, U.S.

These programs are designed by University College Utrecht to perfectly match special curricular options, but have components that take place at a different university abroad. Examples are the Field Research Aruba program, China Studies, and the Transnational Law Program.

Summer/winter courses

During breaks students have the possibility of taking extra classes on campus as well as abroad. Summer and winter courses are offered yearly by for instance exchange partner universities, and are advertised on the Student Website.

International internship

Students can also take up an internship abroad. Some of these internships are initiated by students, others arranged by University College Utrecht. An example is the East Africa Program and the CHIP internships.

Exchange programs

Students can spend a semester abroad at a partner university. University College Utrecht has exchange agreements with the following universities:

Next to these destinations, UCU students may also apply to study at other UU exchange destinations. Students can read more about studying abroad on the student website.