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Social Science at UCU
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Social Science aims to offer a systematic and critical inquiry into human nature, social and legal institutions and human relationships. What are the main constituents of a society, how do individuals function in that society, what is the role of cultural differences, and what are people’s ideals about how to live together? What is the impact of the physical environment in which people live? These questions reflect the wide array of disciplines covered by the Social Science Department: sociology, psychology, anthropology, geography, political science, law, and economics.

The unique Transnational Law Program offers Social Science majors the opportunity to spend a semester at the Washington University in St. Louis to acquire knowledge of both the American and the European law systems.

A UCU Bachelor of Arts in Social Science is your ticket to Master’s programs around the world and, ultimately, a career in international business, law, politics, development and research.

Fields of study:

To obtain a degree in Social Science (Bachelor of Arts) your curriculum must satisfy a number of criteria.

You must take at least ten courses in the Social Science department. Four of these courses must be at the advanced 3-level (one of which is the research thesis). You must complete tracks in at least two different fields of study within the Social Science department. A track is a 3-level course and the prerequisite 1- and 2-level courses that lead up to it.

In addition you must take two courses in Methods and Statistics. These teach you the logic and design of social research (like operationalization, experimental design, sampling) and specific techniques (like laboratory research, surveys).

The Social Science major is concluded with a research thesis, to be written in the third year. A research project includes formulating a research question based on literature study in the field of  the subject, determining the type of data to be collected, finding a suitable method to investigate the subject, conducting the proposed research, evaluating the results obtained and reporting on them.

The thesis not only serves as a final test of your academic and disciplinary capabilities, but will also allow you to showcase these capabilities when applying for a job or Master’s program.