UCU in Utrecht

Urban life in Western societies across the world is undergoing transformation. Governance structures are transformed as political and economic contexts are changing. Social change results in a redefinition of citizenship and identity in the urban context. Social entrepreneurship and sustainable development are examples of important contemporary themes.

The city of Utrecht is no exception: new local networks are being created between local government, local NGOs, and research institutions such as the University of Utrecht. Utrecht is home to University College Utrecht, the first residential liberal arts college in the Netherlands. UCU brings motivated and eager young students from across the world to its urban college campus, where they live and study ‘behind the gates’. 

The UCUinUtrecht program connects UCU’s students with individuals who are working in our own urban region to face social challenges. It gives students the opportunity to confront academic knowledge with complex and real questions, a most meaningful learning experience. For our local partners it is a way to bring a fresh new view to the task.

More information for local organizations

Information regarding internship requirements may be found in the course description.
We invite local organizations interested in offering internship positions to contact us by e-mail: ucu.inutrecht@uu.nl.