UCU East Africa

The UCU East Africa Program is an interdisciplinary program that offers students interested in development issues an intensive on-site cross-cultural experience in academic learning. During the summer field course in East Africa, students are exposed to the major dilemmas of communities participating in development processes. Through participation in internships, students have an opportunity to contribute personally to the aims of international and local organizations and to the local communities which they serve.

 UCU East Africa enables students to: 

  • Understand approaches to the development process
  • Learn about the major socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental developments in East Africa in historical and regional perspective
  • Learn to think critically about personal assumptions, think laterally, and constructively engage diversity 
  • Evaluate critically the nature and impact of development policies and programs implemented by governments, NGOs and other agents of development in East Africa
  • Contribute in a meaningful fashion to the project undertaken  by an NGO or a community-based organization by following an internship at such an organization in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, or Ethiopia
    • Make an informed decision about seeking professional or academic career in the field of development