Our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme allows you to design your degree programme within the guidelines dictated by the general requirements and major requirements for your subjects.

Your tutor helps you plan your curriculum so that you develop and pursue your intellectual interests while meeting degree requirements. Your tutor helps you keep track of your progress and signals (potential) problems. 

Requirements can change from year to year: The specific requirements are to be found in the Academic Rules and Regulations.  

General Requirements

  • First semester: Research in Context (UCACCACA11)
  • First-year full breadth requirement
  • Language and culture requirement / Second language requirement
  • Research thesis (15 ECTS) 

Major Requirements

At the end of your first year, you declare a major. All majors include:

  • Methodology courses (1-3, depending on major) 
  • Disciplinary courses (up to 12) in at least two different academic disciplines
  • Minimum of three advanced (level 3) courses and their prerequisites in at least two academic disciplines
  • Thesis or research report (specific requirements dependent on cohort, see Academic Rules and Regulations for your cohort)

You declare your major by submitting a major declaration form, or applying for an interdepartmental major, via your tutor. For information about planning specific majors, consult

Curricular Options

To shape or enrich your curriculum, you can choose to enroll in special curricular options. This can be for instance an internship, a semester abroad, or special courses that steer your curriculum in a special direction or add something to your interest.