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Utrecht University course catalog

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level 1  
UCSCIBIO01 That's Life: Biology Today
UCSCIBIO11 Molecular Cell Biology I
UCSCIBIO13 Human and Animal Biology
UCSCICHE11 Introduction to Chemistry
UCSCICOG11 Cognitive Neuroscience I
UCSCIEAR11 Introduction to Earth and Environment
UCSCIHIS11 History and Philosophy of Science
UCSCIMAT01 Mathematics for Poets
UCSCIMAT11 Basic Mathematics: Calculus
UCSCIMAT14 Foundation of Mathematics
UCSCIPHY01 Energy Systems and Sustainability
UCSCIPHY12 Relativistic and Classical Physics
  Interdepartmental options
UCINTDUT11 Discovering the Dutch
UCINTGEN11 Gender, Science and Technology (summer)
level 2  
UCSCIBIO21 Molecular Cell Biology II
UCSCIBIO23 Human and Animal Physiology
UCSCIBIO24 Bio-inspired Science and Design
UCSCICHE21 Chemistry II
UCSCICHE22 Physical Chemistry
UCSCICHE23 Biochemistry
UCSCICOG21 Cognitive Neuroscience II
UCSCIEAR21 Global Processes and Sustainability
UCSCIEAR22 Atmosphere and Climate
UCSCIINT21 Academic Internship
UCSCIMAT21 Mathematical Methods
UCSCIMAT22 Mathematical Modeling: Networks
UCSCIMED21 Mechanisms of Diseases
UCSCIPHY21 Classical Electrodynamics
UCSCIPHY23 Astrophysics & Cosmology
  Cross-listed and interdepartmental options
UCACCSTA21 Biostatistics
UCHUMLIN22 Psycholinguistics
UCINTSUS21 Sustainability
UCSSCPSY28 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning
level 3  
UCSCIBIO31 Advanced Molecular Cell Biology
UCSCIBIO32 Advanced Biotechnology
UCSCIBIO33 Advanced Physiology
UCSCIBIO34 Embryonic development, Genes and Disease
UCSCICHE31 Advanced Chemistry
UCSCICHE32 Medicinal Chemistry
UCSCICOG31 Spatial Cognition
UCSCICOG32 Imaging Human Brain Functions
UCSCIEAR31 Resources and their Sustainable Management
UCSCIMAT31 Advanced Mathematics
UCSCIMED31 Immunology and Infectious Diseases
UCSCIMED32 Pharmacology
UCSCIPHY31 Advanced Physics
UCSCIPHY32 Advanced Astrophysics and Cosmology
UCSCIRES31 Science Research Thesis (7,5 ECTS)
UCSCIRES32 Extended Science Research Thesis (15 ECTS)
  Interdepartmental options
UCINTEVO31 Evolution, culture and human nature
UCINTHON32 Student-designed honors course
UCINTLIN33 Speech Production and Perception (back in 2017-2018)
lab courses In winter and/or summer term
UCSCIBIOL2 Cell Biology and Cellular Signaling
UCSCIBIOL3 Microbiology
UCSCIBIOL4 Biochemical pharmacology
UCSCICHEL5 Metabolic Biochemistry Lab
UCSCICHEL6 Chemistry and Art
UCSCICHEL6 Chemistry: a little bit of everything
UCSCICOGL1 Visual psychophysics
UCSCICOGL4 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) analysis
UCSCIEARL1 Geology Project Lab course
UCSCIEARL2 Carbon storage in deciduous forests
UCSCIENVL1 Environmental Health
UCSCIEPIL1 Epidemiology
UCSCIMATL2 Computation Physics
UCSCIMATL3 Group Theory
UCSCIMATL4 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
UCSCIMEDL2 Human anatomy, macroscopically and microscopically
UCSCIPHYL4 Experimental physics lab: Nanomaterials
UCSCIPHYL6 Modeling and Analysis of Astronomical Data
UCSCIPHYL7 Theoretical Physics: ultracold atoms
UCSCIPHYL8 Waves and Optics