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level 1  

The Civil City and its Architecture (summer)

UCINTCHI13 Introduction to China
UCINTDUT11 Discovering the Dutch
UCINTGEN11 Gender, Science and Technology (summer)
level 2  
UCINTCAR21 Caribbean Studies (summer)
UCINTDEV21 Theory and Practice of Development
UCINTHIS21 Understanding Conflict (summer)
UCINTLAT21 Culture and Society in Contemporary Latin America
UCINTSUS21 Sustainability
level 3  
UCINTDEV31 Field course in East Africa (summer)
UCINTEVO31 Evolution, culture and human nature
UCINTHIS32 History and Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
UCINTHON32 Student-designed honors course
UCINTLIN33 Speech Production and Perception (back in 2017-2018)