In the top right corner of each course outline, the availability per semester is mentioned:
" SEM1" means Fall semester
" SEM2" means Spring semester


level 1  
UCSSCANT11 Introduction to Anthropology
UCSSCECO11 Introduction to Economics
UCSSCGEO11 Introduction to Human Geography
UCSSCLAW11 Law Society and Justice
UCSSCLAW12 Introduction to Law
UCSSCLAW13 Criminal justice systems (summer)
UCSSCPOL11 Introduction to Political Theory
UCSSCPOL13 Introduction to Comparative Politics
UCSSCPSY11 Introduction to Psychology
UCSSCSOC11 Introduction to Sociology
  Cross-listed and interdepartmental options
UCINTDUT11 Discovering the Dutch
UCINTGEN11 Gender, Science and Technology (summer)
UCSCICOG11 Cognitive Neuroscience I
level 2  
UCSSCANT21 Violence, Trauma and Memory
UCSSCANT22 Gender and Sexuality
UCSSCANT23 The Materiality of Culture
UCSSCANT25 Anthropology of Conservation
UCSSCECO21 Macroeconomics
UCSSCECO22 Behavioral & Microeconomics, Game Theory
UCSSCECO24 International Economics
UCSSCGEO21 Urban Geography
UCSSCGEO22 Development Studies
UCSSCINT21 Academic Internship
UCSSCLAW21 International Law
UCSSCLAW22 Comparative Constitutional Law
UCSSCLAW26 Property Law and Contract Law
UCSSCLAW27 International and European Labor Law
UCSSCPOL21 Political Science: State of the Art
UCSSCPOL23 International Relations
UCSSCPSY21 Social Psychology
UCSSCPSY22 Developmental Psychology
UCSSCPSY23 Clinical Psychology
UCSSCPSY26 Criminology
UCSSCPSY27 Cross-cultural Psychology
UCSSCPSY28 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning
UCSSCSOC25 Orientalism (summer)
UCSSCSOC26 The Sociology of Migration
UCSSCSOC28 Social Inequality
  Cross-listed and interdepartmental options
UCHUMHAR22 Museum Studies
UCINTCAR21 Caribbean Studies (summer)
UCINTDEV21 Theory and Practice of Development
UCINTHIS21 Understanding Conflict (summer)
UCINTLAT21 Culture and Society in Contemporary Latin America
UCINTSUS21 Sustainability
level 3  
UCSSCANT31 Anthropology of Power
UCSSCANT34 Contemporary Violent Democracies
UCSSCECO31 Economics of the Public Sector
UCSSCECO32 Advanced Economics: Economic Growth
UCSSCGEO32 Globalization and Regional Development
UCSSCGEO33 European Integration
UCSSCLAW31 International Human Rights
UCSSCLAW33 European Union Law
UCSSCLAW34 International Commercial Arbitration
UCSSCPOL31 Comparative Political Institutions
UCSSCPOL33 Advanced International Relations
UCSSCPOL35 Public Policy Studies
UCSSCPOL36 International Organizations
UCSSCPSY31 The Psychology of Ethnic Relations
UCSSCPSY33 The Psychology of Human Motivation
UCSSCPSY34 Crime and Context
UCSSCPSY37 Health Psychology
UCSSCPSY39 Adolescent Development
UCSSCRES31 Social Science Research Thesis (7,5 ECTS)
UCSSCRES32 Extended Social Science Research Thesis (15 ECTS)
UCSSCSOC34 Sociology of Value, Markets and Money
UCSSCSOC35 Organizing Solidarity
  Cross-listed, interdepartmental and other options
UCINTCHI31 The Urbanization of Chinese Society
UCHUMHAR32 ‘Heritage’: Dynamics of Collections
UCINTDEV31 Field course in East Africa (summer)
UCINTEVO31 Evolution, culture and human nature
UCINTHIS32 History and Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
UCINTHON32 Student-designed honors course
UCINTHSR31 Human Stress Research
USG4440 Urban Governance (UCU in Utrecht)
USG4541 Dean's honors course: Creating Societal Impact